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Are you tired of those ads which promise object persistence? How many times have you been bit before? Do you long for the days of revolutionary technical advancements? Well, wait no more ... CoreBit Technology, Inc. has the answer for you. Our new patented core-planar technology provides near real-time object persistence at a fraction of the price our competition charges. No longer will you hear moans and groans from your network support center when the lights flicker. Based on tried and true ferrous technology, CoreBit-1000 ® (pictured) helps restore your operations in a fraction of the time required with competing technologies.

Choose the solution your competition employs to beat your business into the ground. Fight back, provide your customers with the reliability they have come to demand of you. You can't afford to waste another minute on those fancy-smancy disk based solutions. You need the true superiority of torroidal technology.

Act now and receive a free bonus gift. Yes...if you place your order in the next five minutes you will receive 20,000 shares of BigIron Corp. stock. BigIron is the world's leading supplier of torroids. Their stock is expected to change rapidly over the coming months, so don't pass up this once in a lifetime chance to become a part of history as this radical solution for the object persistence problem sweeps the industry.

I was lucky enough to snag this from a professor I worked for at UTD. The 4004 is the topmost chip, the others are support chips it needs.